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Ensemble Medici

The Ensemble Medici was founded about 30 years ago by members of the "Orchestra of the German Pediatricians". The four members, two violins, viola and cello, come from different parts of Germany and perform on a highly professional level. Besides studying medicine all the members of the Ensemble have got a professional education on their instruments. This makes the difference to amateur musicians with whom they cannot be compared. So they are doctors as well as artists. They have given countless concerts in Germany and in most European countries. Their last CD which was recorded and released in 2014, featuring string quartets by Shostakovich and Schubert has been highly acclaimed by all critics.

The Ensemble Medici members who are or were all practicing doctors do not charge any honorarium for the concerts, instead the money collected is donated for charity work.

The Ensemble Medici has not only assisted in Europe but also in Kenya. Through their concerts and workshops they supported the education in classical music for the children living in the slums. As pediatricians they know how music can influence the development of children, socially and emotionally.

Members of the Ensemble Medici:

Christian Weymann, violin,

lives in Bremen. Before studying medicine he studied at the University of Music in Stuttgart with Ricardo Odnopposoff, one of the leading violinists of that time. For more than 30 years he was concertmaster of the "Orchestra of the German Pediatricians".

Dietrich Lasius, violin,

studied at the Julius Stern Conservatory of Music in Berlin. He is a sought after chamber musician in Berlin and and is a member of the "World Doctors Orchestra".

Tilman Saniter, viola,

lives in Stuttgart. He was a student of Enrique Santiago and has performed Bach cantatas with Helmuth Rilling, world famous conductor of the "Gaechinger Kantorei".

Thomas Tueschen, cello,

lives in Bingen near Frankfurt. Also educated by famous teachers he was able to teach cello at a music school during his medical studies. He now performs as soloist and chamber musician. He is founder of the Kiringo school project in Kenya together with his kenyan wife.